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Software Developer Hi, I'm Leo Kameya! A full-stack web developer focused on React, React Native and GraphQL



React Native E-Commerce App
  • ⇒ React Native/Apollo Client
  • ⇒ GraphQL Yoga / Prisma

Thrift Store Web


An e-commerce application with Authentication, Permissions Management and Payment using Stripe.

  • ⇒ Frontend: React/Next.js/Apollo Client
  • ⇒ Backend: GraphQL Yoga/Prisma

Covid19 Time Series

Covid19 Cases & Deaths

Racing chart showing the spreadness of Covid19 since January, 2020. The data is from @pomber (

  • ⇒ JS: React
  • ⇒ Data visualization tool: D3

Spotify API

A custom spotify player

Keep listening to your favorite music in this original player designed for Spotify users. This application uses the Spotify API for developers.

  • ⇒ JS Framework: React
  • ⇒ Server: NodeJS with Express


Personal portfolio

Personal portfolio built with HTML5 and CSS3. The concept was designed in Sketch and the focus is to have a clean and simple design.

  • ⇒ Preprocessor: SASS using the 7-1 pattern structure
  • ⇒ Methodology: BEM - Block, Element, Modifier